Starting programming is easy, but you need a lot more to get onto the next level

Laptop on a desk
Laptop on a desk
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A programmer is a person who does the design and development of software systems. There are various sorts of programming careers: frontend development, backend development, full-stack development, embedded systems development, etc. Programmers usually work with different programming languages and markup languages. The expertise of each programmer depends on their skill sets. Therefore, they always try to enhance their skill sets by doing various activities. There are indeed unique ways to enhance a programmer’s skill set based on each field. For example, practicing to handle CSS better is great if you are doing frontend development. …

Data structures and algorithms are not compulsory for programmers but compulsory for better programmers.

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Programming is not always a straightforward task; programmers often meet problems that they need to solve. In fact, there can be multiple ways to implement a given feature in a particular software system. Some implementations may produce CPU-intensive long-running processes for hardware. Meanwhile, some implementations have efficient and fast processes. Programming is not always about implementing a given software specification with library functions or framework APIs. What if your next big project is a framework or software library? Undoubtedly, we often have to solve software engineering problems with computer science fundamentals.

In computer science, a data structure is a virtually…

Sometimes developers build projects which take the entire world’s attention.

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Big tech companies usually initiate large complex open-source projects. First, they innovate projects for their internal use. After that, they keep either the entire project or a part of the project as an open-source to benefit from the open-source community. Moreover, individual developers also initiate open-source projects to help other developers, for fun, or as a side-hustle — to make an income stream (mostly from donations). We often call those developers open-source enthusiasts or contributors. They initiate various sorts of open source projects. Some projects are extraordinary complex projects that impress every developer in the world.

My one of a…

Everyone can learn how to code. Computer science theories will teach you how to program

Students listening as teacher lectures
Students listening as teacher lectures
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Developers usually start learning programming at their college, university, or first internship program. Meanwhile, some developers learn programming by experimenting with technologies and watching internet tutorials, known as self-taught programmers. A few passionate developers learn programming in all of the above stages. They start programming before college teaches programming. After that, they improve their programming skills at their college, university, and first internship program.

Developers usually study computer science theories at their universities. Some developers study these concepts in their internship programs. Computer science fundamentals consist of topics such as data structures, algorithms, networking principles, discrete mathematics, artificial intelligence, computer…

Impressive open-source codebases that every developer should try to understand

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Developers initiate and develop various sorts of projects. Many developers try to make those projects’ sources open by publishing their repositories to GitHub. Open-source software development is a trend nowadays because there are a lot of advantages. For example, it’s a great way to build a user community around the project. There are various sorts of open-source projects. Some projects are simple, and some have a mid-level complexity. Meanwhile, some projects are absolutely complex, and those projects solve critical problems faced by users or developers.

I usually browse GitHub repositories when I get free time to understand how popular open-source…

A truly native code editor written Lua and C performs better than your Visual Studio Code.

Developers choose code editors according to their requirements and preferences. However, now Visual Studio Code has become the default choice of every modern developer. It gains popularity every day due to its time-saving features and rich extensions ecosystem. Even many popular frameworks recommend you to use Visual Studio Code with their extensions. But there is a hidden but crucial issue with Visual Studio Code. You may not experience it because you may have a 16-gigabyte of RAM and a blazing-fast microprocessor inside your computer.

Visual Studio Code software is built with the Electron framework that typically produces heavy binaries. Applications…

You can start programming with any language — but starting with C has more perks!

A computer circuit board
A computer circuit board
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There are about 700 programming languages in the world. However, developers use about 20 different programming languages to build enterprise software. In other words, there are only a few popular general-purpose programming languages, even if there are many programming languages. Developers usually start coding at school, university, or when they begin their career.

When they start coding, every developer find themselves asking one question: Which programming language should I learn first? If you studied computer science at a university, the syllabus usually has the C programming language first.

The C programming language is still used frequently in hardware-related software projects.

Modern web applications are replacing your favorite desktop apps.

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Earlier, the internet only had websites that consisted of read-only information, known as the Web 1.0 era. Later, with the uprising Web 2.0 era, the modern web applications concept was introduced. Nowadays, we have very user-friendly and highly dynamic web applications. A computer has no value if there is no operating system. If there is an operating system installed, we can install applications to do our day-to-day works. There are three types of applications: Desktop applications, mobile applications, and web applications. Mobile and desktop applications run on top of the operating system. …

These interview questions help identify exceptional JavaScript programmers by testing in-depth JavaScript knowledge.

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JavaScript initially started its journey as a simple scripting language. Earlier, developers used JavaScript to make their websites a little dynamic. Nowadays, JavaScript is everywhere. We can build single-page web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, IoT applications, CLI programs, and RESTful APIs with JavaScript. On the other hand, ECMAScript, which is the standard specification for JavaScript, brings frequent improvements and enhancements to JavaScript.

Therefore, our modern developer community has a lot of JavaScript developers. If a particular company builds a high-quality product with JavaScript, they need to hire the best out of the best to keep their product clean. In…

Now, it’s becoming a social network for developers, and that’s great

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GitHub platform was initially created just as a hosting service for Git repositories. In other words, Github allowed developers to create remote Git repositories for collaboration. Therefore, developers were able to show their open source projects to the community. Developers who were in the community made their own copies (forks) of existing repositories. Also, they submitted their code changes to the original repository via pull requests.

GitHub at 2008 was like this.

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