Choosing a reliable smartphone is hard. But, I have an answer

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The smartphone market is huge and very competitive. A new set of smartphone models are getting released regularly. Indeed, every smartphone model is not perfect, there are some pain-points as well. However, we can become a bit smarter to choose a mobile phone which is having overall good things. If we draw a decision-tree for selecting a good mobile phone, the operating system can be the first decision because modern mobile phone hardware components are almost alike due to the competition between manufacturers.

Choosing a reliable smartphone is hard because there are a lot of smartphone models in the market, and it is not practical to use everything for finding the best matching one for us. Additionally, we cannot trust modern reviews on the internet. I had to face this situation a few years ago, and I eventually found an answer. First, I removed iOS devices from my wishlist since their operating system is having so many limitations even for developers. I appreciate the following sentences said by Richard Stallman who is the founder of the Free Software Foundation for Apple devices at an interview. …


Shalitha Suranga

Software Engineer at 99x | Apache PMC member | Open Source Contributor

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