Neutralinojs 2019 — Roadmap

We started Neutralinojs project around 5 months ago. Our goal was to build a kind of cross-platform application development framework which is very lightweight, portable and easy to use. This project was initially started as a prototype by following client-server pattern. Neutralinojs has two key components, Neutralino client is a Javascript library which is providing an API to access native OS-level functions. Neutralino server is going to listen and process the incoming requests from the client.

Neutralinojs Components

Our targeted audience for this framework was not the people who really loved Electron/NW.js but the people who were worried about heaviness (bloatware 😱) of those frameworks. Those frameworks are heavy because the produced application consists of Chromium and Node binaries as well. What we did was, we just replaced the heavy things with some lightweight components.

Indeed, Neutralinojs was able to reach many developers. In this article, We show you what we were able to achieve via some statistics.

neutralinojs/neutralinojs reached 636 stars and 66 forks up to now. is having ~6000 page views

See evaluation report for comparison statistics.

We are planning to complete our development checklist and also to add the feature-requests which were added by the community. Importantly, There will be more maintainers for the project in future. We are following ASF’s committer and PMC methodology to improve our contributor count.

Here are some highlighted pending tasks to do

  • Compiling Neutralinojs for macOS #18
  • Developing an application-packager #127

We assume, there will be more users if we complete the issue #18

Neutralinojs Day

Photo of a hackathon/meetup — Credits : Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Good news! We are in the process of organizing our first Neutralinojs meetup in Sri Lanka, most probably it will be held on next month in Colombo. Here are the suggested topics to be discussed at the meetup

  • Introduction to Neutralinojs
  • How it works
  • Writing a simple program
  • How to configure Neutralino apps
  • Neutralino API features
  • Debugging
  • Packaging
  • Comparing with other frameworks


Neutralinojs community is growing, we are getting feature-requests frequently. If you are interested in building Neutralinojs better please join with us! Become a committer today. Join with our Slack channel as well.

Financial support is needed to conduct meetups, produce some swags and etc. If you like to support us please donate via Open Collective. All sponsors and donors will be mentioned at the website and meetups.

Happy Coding!

Programmer | Author of Neutralinojs | Technical Writer

Programmer | Author of Neutralinojs | Technical Writer