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Neutralinojs 2020 — Roadmap

A year ago I wrote Neutralinojs 2019 roadmap saying about some key milestones for the last year, it’s happy to announce that we were able to complete around ~90% of them.

  • Mac Os support
  • Logging feature
  • Support for multiple html files
  • Some useful native features (Full screen mode, file pickers etc.)
  • neu-cli — A command line tool to create and build Neutralinojs apps with Javascript and Typescript

Also, I was planning to do an event about Neutralinojs and that goal also was accomplished. I was able to do 2 sessions with the well known Colombo JS Meetup by touching several versions of Neutralinojs (v1.2.0 and v1.3.0)

There are many feature requests from the community, therefore the main priority for this year is to solve those and close accordingly. neu-cli has generic Javascript and Typescript starter projects and there is a plan to add Angular and React starter projects as well.

Windows version still uses IE, also we are still trying to add Edge browser component instead to overcome the issue with polyfills and latest ECMAScript specifications.

A participant from one of our session mentioned that Neutralinojs mobile will be great too. I am also really interested in that idea. Hopefully there will be nice experiments ahead 🧐.

Furthermore, there are some discussions going on regarding rewriting Neutralino into single codebase and also about libuv integration. Whereas those ideas are still not finalized, indeed we welcome you all to talk about future of this project in our slack channel.

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Stackoverflow has some questions with neutralinojs tag already. Whereas, we would like to see more people posting questions. Therefore, I am having idea to host an online Hackathon with awesome prizes. Stay tuned!

Get started today, use Neutralinojs along with your next desktop app idea!

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