Web application solution architectures and introducing LAMG stack

A generic web application consists of either interconnected but distributed set of components or interconnected but stacked set of components. The basic meaning of web application architecture is that how those interconnected components are arranged or how they are communicating each other.

There are main two architectural types when designing a solution architecture for a specific web application,

  • Monolithic/layered architecture
  • Micro-services architecture
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Monolithic application architecture refers to a single box like system where all of the web application modules are on top of each other. For an instance, consider layers such as, Operating system -> database instance -> business logic -> presentation. Monolithic applications are usually less-complex to design but having serious manageability and scalability issues.

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This is very trending topic always and it explains how entire web solution can be decomposed into isolated but interactive services. Unlike the monolithic model here the database is also can be considered as a separate service. Nowadays, everyone suggest to go ahead with this since manageability and scalability factors are very good.

Serverless architecture is also falling into this type but it can have a bit deep level decomposition and importantly we don’t care about the infrastructure which is already being managed by the cloud service provider like AWS.

If you want to build your next application by following microservice patterns without paying money anyone for infrastructure, there is a way. LAMG stack introduces a solution stack which helps you develop and provision modern web solutions for free.

L — lamda: Back-end logic of the application will be decomposed into multiple serverless functions by following the microservice pattern.

A — Angular

M — Mongodb

G — Github pages: Frontend of the application will be exposed to public users via Github pages with the help of a github.io subdomain.

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Many developers like to build cool free apps for everyone whereas domain purchasing and infrastructure bills like stuff will demotivate them because they are trying to build something just for fun. Indeed, the key goal of LAMG is to offer them a solution stack which has absolutely zero cost specially targeting application prototyping, pilot apps and for production use cases.

I recently built movieszri using LAMG. If your friend asks for a free hosting service suggest this instead.

Happy coding 😎

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